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Are you trying to lose weight in a swimsuit and still fail?
Maybe you're making a mistake somewhere.

These are the four most common weight loss myths.

Myth. 1: After 5 pm I can't eat anymore

Many people still live in the belief that after 5 pm there should be no more eating. However, it all depends on how long you want to sleep. It is important not to eat about 2 hours before bedtime, so that the body has enough time to spend everything. Meals containing proteins and amino acids that restore muscle mass are recommended in the evening. Keep your carbohydrate attachments for lunch.

Myth. 2: The more I lose weight

Many of us think that if they sweat in the gym or go spinning every day, they lose weight. If you want to lose excess kilograms and not gain too much muscle, it is important to combine strength training during exercise. aerobic exercise.

Myth. 3: When I lose weight I can eat the fruits I want

Fruit is certainly a valuable source of vitamins, but if you want to lose weight successfully, you should consume it in an adequate amount and know which one to choose. In addition to its delicious taste and health benefits, fruit is also a source of simple sugars. On a slimming diet, two servings of fruit per day are recommended, in the morning and the early afternoon. Banana is not very suitable for diets. Conversely, strawberries, raspberries, apples, blackberries or plums are ideal. Consume fruits unprocessed. | For compotes, candied and dried fruit. The exception is dried apricots, which do not matter in small quantities.

Myth. 4: Light foods ensure a slim line

Do you have most light products in the refrigerator? When dieting, these foods are just a little help and you should not rely too much on them. People often buy eg. "Light" yoghurts. Instead of one, however, they eat more because they think that light food is not gaining weight. And the calories begin to accumulate slowly. In addition, light foods are often full of various chemical flavorings and substitutes, so they are not ideal for our body. The same applies to milk. Low fat, unlike semi-fat milk, has only one percent less fat, but there are more fat-bound vitamins in semi-fat milk.

Source: www.pluslekaren.sk


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tu a teraz
; Naša ZEM online
; ________
; --------------------
; Inštitút Regenerácie Človeka(IRC) - FOTO
; -----------------------
; HOLISTIK- terapia
; ----------------------
; ---------------------
; BANKOVANIE (Vákuová terapia)
; _________________
; Oxygenoterapia (dýchanie 95% kyslíkom )
; ..............................
; Chudneme !
; .................................
; DARČEKOVÁ poukážka pre Vás a Vašich blízkych
; ___________
; Nové tituly v Knižnici (02.09.2018)
; Prvá pomoc pre tých, kto sa topí v našom mori kníh

pozor, novinka!
; Kurzy a školenia
; _________
; Duchovne PRAKTIKY-str.1
; Duchovne PRAKTIKY-str.2 (Telo Svetla)
; Duchovne PRAKTIKY- str.3 (mantry)
; Duchovne PRAKTIKY - str.4 (mantry)
; Duchovne PRAKTIKY - str.5(mantry)
; Duchovne PRAKTIKY - str.6(videomeditacie)
; Duchovne PRAKTIKY - str.7(videomeditacie)
; Duchovne PRAKTIKY - str.8(videomeditacie)
; -----------
; Medzinárodný projekt EDINIYA

téma mesiaca
; --------------------
; Stanislav Grof: video
; ---------------------
; TIBETSKÁ gymnastika pre zdravie a dlhovekos
; ----------------------
; Čistenie hrubého čreva
; -----------------------
; Čistenie pečene - moderna verzia
; ________________
; OČISTA organizmu
; _________
; ______
; ________
; Ako klesli hodnoty vitamínov a minerálov v potravinách
; ______________
; Masaru Emoto. ZÁZRAČNÉ ZPRÁVY Z VODY . Článek o tom, jak voda odráží naše vědomí

; Nase Video-meditacie
; -----------------
; MER-KA-BA meditation
; ----------------------
; _______________
; Pre absolventov kurzu Liecenie vlastnej minulosti
; ---------------
; Pre absolventov kurzu REIKI
; ............................
; Pre absolventov Holistickeho kurzu
; ______________
; Cestovanie na Miesta Sily (fotky)
; ________
; KNIHA PRE VÁS (10.01.2016)



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